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Neti-Neti - Audio Letter - It Is This It Is Not This (Neti-Neti) (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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  1. Kahn says:
    Jul 21,  · The Upanishads declare: “Neti, Neti — not this, not this, not that.” This does not mean that consciousness, which is ultimate truth or Brahman is .
  2. Nalkis says:
    · audio letter featuring don cherry - it is this it is not this (neti-neti) - -rare original private pressing on obscure cnlf ("citizens for non-linear futures") label - original cnlf stereo lp cnlf-1 · original u.s. pressing *** still sealed guaranteed original first pressing ***End date: Jun 03,
  3. Vogal says:
    Nov 14,  · an Aghori Production Neti Neti (not this, not this or neither this, nor that) describe the undifferentiated and ineffable nature of Brahman. tattvamasyādivākyena svātmā hi .
  4. JoJorn says:
    Neti Neti: What it is not. Neti -- neti is a well known Sanskrit expression that is found in the Upanishads, but also is widely misunderstood (both in the West as well as in classic Indian dualistic philosophic traditions as well). That is, it is subject to much varied interpretations. The common misunderstanding comes from a false assumption.
  5. Gardaran says:
    “Neti, Neti” - Not this, not this. Sanskrit words expressing the inexplicable Ultimate, the Absolute, the transcendental, the Divine, God. How often I have said I can never write about Babaji. So beyond expressions beyond the ken of the wildest imagination. The most outrageous fantasies pale beside him. In truth I don't know what he is.
  6. Muzragore says:
    The Ancient Past And The Ancient Future Are Both Seconds Away – LP - The Ancient Past And The Ancient Future Are Both Seconds Away It Is This - It Is Not This (Neti-Neti) – LP - It Is This - It Is Not This (Neti-Neti) Audio Letter. Record/Vinyl Neti-Neti Audio Letter Remix – CD. Used. Like New.
  7. Nagis says:
    Words are not the truth, truth cannot be words. Truth is an experience, truth is reality, and the path to it is neti, neti – neither this nor that. Drop explanations, drop definitions, drop scriptures and doctrines, remember neti, neti – not this, not that! Then drop I and thou and say neti, neti. What is left manifest in the emptiness.
  8. Zuzahn says:
    Nov 08,  · Neti neti (not this, not this) is the Vedic analysis of negation that aids one in realizing one's true nature. Commonly used in meditation, one focuses on an aspect within one's awareness and realizes that is not who they are in their purest form. Common items focused on.

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